Daddy Daughter Phone Sex – Cum on Tits

fuck babyI just love daddy daughter phone sex. Don’t you?!

Most of my friends do chores around the house for extra money, or to get permission to do something, but not me.

My Dad likes something a little bit different.  *giggles*

Daddy likes to lay back in his recliner and watch me while I get all naked.  Then I straddle his big dick with my teen tits right in his face. He tells me to give him a hand job while he sticks out his tongue and licks all over my puffy nipples.  His tongue feels sooooooo sexy and makes my tight pussy all hot and wet.  Somtimes I have to finger fuck myself I get so horny with Daddy licking away.

When he gets close to orgasm I jerk off his huge hard on really fast and make him squirt all over my nice boobs because Daddy loves to cum on tits more than anything else!

Then I get whatever I want. For a while anyway. 🙂

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