Daddys Girl Phone Sex

daddy daughter phone sexMy callers are always asking me what are my most requested types of calls. Daddy’s girl phone sex, of course! But then if they had asked me what were my favorite – they would get the same answer. What can I say? I’m just a daddy’s girl at heart and love daddy-daughter incest roleplay. 😉

I love being daddy’s little girl who wants nothing more than to make daddy happy. And lucky for me – I know how to make daddy very happy.

Daddy loves me on my knees, pulling his big lolli-cock from his pants. He really likes it when I take it between my little hands and lick on the head. He says I’m the best little cocksucker he knows. *giggle*

But my favorite part is when daddy lays me back, spreading my legs wide – and licks all up and down my little wet slit. It makes my tummy tickle like crazy!

If I were your little girl – what type of daddy-daughter sex would you enjoy most? I mean, it’s all so good. I even like the anal daddies who want to fuck my little ass!

Yep, daddy daughter phone sex is always my favorite type of call – and I bet I can make you love it too. Call me for some taboo daddy daughter fun and let’s see if I can’t make you as happy as I do daddy. 😉

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Daddy-Daughter Phone Sex – Daddy’s Lil’ Slut

Daddy daughter incest phone sexI’m a daddy’s girl, and love playing naughty with all my phone sex daddies. The more daddies who call me for daddy daughter phone sex, the better!

Daddy took me shopping and bought me all the clothes that mommy wouldn’t let me get. She said they were slutty looking – but daddy says he loves the way I look wearing them. He made me promise not to tell mommy – so it’s our secret.

Daddy enjoys having me dress up pretty for him when mommy’s not home. I can model all my new sexy clothes, and even put on makeup! Daddy likes me with shiny pink lip gloss on. He said it looks good on his cock when I smear it all up and down the shaft. *giggle*

Daddy has me do other things with him when mommy’s not around too. I get to pretend I’m daddy’s secret girlfriend – and we kiss and cuddle like real girlfriend/boyfriends.

Sometimes we do really taboo daddy-daughter incest stuff too. Daddy is teaching me all the things that boys like so that when I get old enough to date boys, I’ll have lots and lots of boyfriends!

I can practice with you too, if you like. Or maybe you want to teach me some naughty daddy-daughter sex stuff. Just call for daddy-daughter phone sex and let’s have some fun!

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