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I just love the shocked look on their faces when I climb on their labs, wiggle my little ass against their big bulge, and whisper that I’m not wearing any panties and they can touch me down there if they want.

I let them finger my little cunny making it all slick, and might even let them rub and squeeze my little boobies before hopping down and running off.

Guess you could say I play a game of tease and denial, making their dicks all hard – and then running off to play.

Funny thing is, not one of them has ever said anything to mommy about what a naughty little cocktease I am!

Some of her boyfriends sneak into my room at night after mommy is asleep. I just squeeze my eyes tightly closed, pretending to be asleep – and wait to see what they’ll do.

Some of them pull out their big cocks and rub it over my little face and lips. Others will pull up my nightie to look at my little bald pussy and small chest.

Sometimes I peek, and that’s when I see them jerking off their big fat cocks. Bet they’re wishing I wasn’t jailbait!

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