Daddy-Daughter Phone Sex

tight-teen-pussyWhat’s your favorite daddy daughter phone sex roleplay? I have so many, it’s impossible to choose!

Daddy and I have a special sex game we play every night. I try to make daddy cum by telling him dirty sex stories while he jerks off, and he tries to hold off and not cum.

I like to see how hard daddy tries not to cum when I tell him about me and other little teen sluts making out with each other at my friend’s slumber party. I tell him how us horny teens rubbed our teen tits together, kissed, and even licked each others tight teen pussy. Daddy can never hold out when I start talking about teen lesbian sex and pussy licking!

Daddy also likes to hear about what a naughty babysitter I have been. I told him the father at my last babysitting job came home early and I got caught masturbating. I pretended I didn’t see him, and just let him watch while I rubbed my tiny titties and young teen pussy. I almost laughed at how excited he got when I told him how I made my pussy squirt.

I even told him how me and the other cheerleaders gave the whole basketball team a teen blowjob before the big game! Daddy loved hearing about how I got cum on my face and we licked it all off each other. I didn’t even have to tell him about the teen gang-bang after the game!

Daddy’s not very good at this game because no matter how hard he tries, I always win!

Want to play this game with me or do you have a favorite of your own? Daddy daughter phone sex gives us the opportunity to play lots of naughty daddy-daughter games!

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Young Teen Phone Sex

young teen phone sexLooking for young teen phone sex? A young teen lolita ready to tease and please you, with just enough knowledge to be dangerous. Then I’m your girl!

After my dad left, my mom turned into such a slut! She was constantly going out clubbing, and more often than not – bringing strange guys back home with her.

Since my bedroom is right next to hers, I got exposed to things a innocent young girl should never see or hear.

Well, now that I’m a young teen and wise to what men and women do behind closed doors – I think it’s time that I had some fun too!

Of course I can’t go out to clubs to meet guys, but I can mess around with mom’s boyfriends. I don’t think they will mind, do you? *giggle*

Besides, lately they seem to be paying more attention to me than they do mom. She may be dragging them off to her bedroom, but they can’t seem to take their eyes off this young teen girl with my perky teen tits and cute little ass.

I recognize that look in their eyes. I’ve seen it lots of times, but now instead of looking at mom, those longing looks are directed at her young teen daughter!

I’ve just been playing the little tease – look but don’t touch; but think it’s time to see how far they are willing to go with a little lolita like me.

What would you do if you were the one I was teasing? Call my bluff? Let me know when you call me for young teen phone sex.

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Teen Cocktease Phone Sex

Teen Cock Tease Phone SexI’m a little teen cocktease, and love to tease all mommy’s new boyfriends. I look so sweet and innocent, and they never see it coming. *giggle* Guess that’s why I’m good at teen cocktease phone sex –  because I’ve has so much practice!

I just love the shocked look on their faces when I climb on their labs, wiggle my little ass against their big bulge, and whisper that I’m not wearing any panties and they can touch me down there if they want.

I let them finger my little cunny making it all slick, and might even let them rub and squeeze my little boobies before hopping down and running off.

Guess you could say I play a game of tease and denial, making their dicks all hard – and then running off to play.

Funny thing is, not one of them has ever said anything to mommy about what a naughty little cocktease I am!

Some of her boyfriends sneak into my room at night after mommy is asleep. I just squeeze my eyes tightly closed, pretending to be asleep – and wait to see what they’ll do.

Some of them pull out their big cocks and rub it over my little face and lips. Others will pull up my nightie to look at my little bald pussy and small chest.

Sometimes I peek, and that’s when I see them jerking off their big fat cocks. Bet they’re wishing I wasn’t jailbait!

Do you enjoy being teased by a young teen cocktease like me? I’ll let you jerk off your cock too while I tell you the naughtiest stories! Call me for teen cock tease phone sex, and see for yourself what this naughty little girl can do. 😉

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Daddys Girl Phone Sex

daddy daughter phone sexMy callers are always asking me what are my most requested types of calls. Daddy’s girl phone sex, of course! But then if they had asked me what were my favorite – they would get the same answer. What can I say? I’m just a daddy’s girl at heart and love daddy-daughter incest roleplay. 😉

I love being daddy’s little girl who wants nothing more than to make daddy happy. And lucky for me – I know how to make daddy very happy.

Daddy loves me on my knees, pulling his big lolli-cock from his pants. He really likes it when I take it between my little hands and lick on the head. He says I’m the best little cocksucker he knows. *giggle*

But my favorite part is when daddy lays me back, spreading my legs wide – and licks all up and down my little wet slit. It makes my tummy tickle like crazy!

If I were your little girl – what type of daddy-daughter sex would you enjoy most? I mean, it’s all so good. I even like the anal daddies who want to fuck my little ass!

Yep, daddy daughter phone sex is always my favorite type of call – and I bet I can make you love it too. Call me for some taboo daddy daughter fun and let’s see if I can’t make you as happy as I do daddy. 😉

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Daddy-Daughter Phone Sex – Daddy’s Lil’ Slut

Daddy daughter incest phone sexI’m a daddy’s girl, and love playing naughty with all my phone sex daddies. The more daddies who call me for daddy daughter phone sex, the better!

Daddy took me shopping and bought me all the clothes that mommy wouldn’t let me get. She said they were slutty looking – but daddy says he loves the way I look wearing them. He made me promise not to tell mommy – so it’s our secret.

Daddy enjoys having me dress up pretty for him when mommy’s not home. I can model all my new sexy clothes, and even put on makeup! Daddy likes me with shiny pink lip gloss on. He said it looks good on his cock when I smear it all up and down the shaft. *giggle*

Daddy has me do other things with him when mommy’s not around too. I get to pretend I’m daddy’s secret girlfriend – and we kiss and cuddle like real girlfriend/boyfriends.

Sometimes we do really taboo daddy-daughter incest stuff too. Daddy is teaching me all the things that boys like so that when I get old enough to date boys, I’ll have lots and lots of boyfriends!

I can practice with you too, if you like. Or maybe you want to teach me some naughty daddy-daughter sex stuff. Just call for daddy-daughter phone sex and let’s have some fun!

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Daddy Daughter Phone Sex – Cum on Tits

fuck babyI just love daddy daughter phone sex. Don’t you?!

Most of my friends do chores around the house for extra money, or to get permission to do something, but not me.

My Dad likes something a little bit different.  *giggles*

Daddy likes to lay back in his recliner and watch me while I get all naked.  Then I straddle his big dick with my teen tits right in his face. He tells me to give him a hand job while he sticks out his tongue and licks all over my puffy nipples.  His tongue feels sooooooo sexy and makes my tight pussy all hot and wet.  Somtimes I have to finger fuck myself I get so horny with Daddy licking away.

When he gets close to orgasm I jerk off his huge hard on really fast and make him squirt all over my nice boobs because Daddy loves to cum on tits more than anything else!

Then I get whatever I want. For a while anyway. 🙂

Call me for daddy-daughter phone sex, and you can get whatever you want too!

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Age Play Phone Sex

lolita-pedo-sexGuys call me sometimes saying they’ve never even tried age play phone sex before. Once they try it, they’re addicted! LOL

Mommy and her boyfriend are so loud in her room at night that I can’t help but hear them. You’d think they were a couple of young teens fucking the way they go at it!

I have no choice but to lay in my bed and listen, but it actually kinda turns this me on hearing them.

Once I peeked in the crack of the door and watched for a few minutes. Mommy was giving him a hot wet blowjob and OMG, I couldn’t believe how big his cock was!

I wanted to watch longer, but was afraid I’d get caught, so just had to settle on going back to my room and rubbing my teen pussy thinking about that big cock. Wonder what it would be like to get a cum facial?

Mom goes to work early leaving him there in her bed. Maybe I should just go slip in the bed with him after she’s gone. Do you think he would realize that it wasn’t mommy that had that big dick in her mouth, but her young teen nude daughter giving her first blowjob instead? *giggle*

Would you like to be mommy’s boyfriend? Call this pedo lolita for some age play phone sex and I can tell you how I would seduce you!

Sweet Ashley
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Pedo Phone Sex

on all fours, hard nips, puffy nipples
It’s funny how men call me afraid to tell me they really want pedo phone sex.

It’s funny because age play is what I love to do! Ok, all age play phone sex. haha

I can almost hear you blush when you ask for a really young phone sex fantasy, like I’m gonna be shocked or something. *giggles*

Dude, this is what I do! And I’m good at it too!

Pull up my t-shirt and look at my flat tits. Pull down my white cotton panties and stick your big finger in my little bald cunny then sniff run it under your nose. That always makes you groan. Especially when I cry! You won’t let me go until I’m a good little girl and suck that big cock. “Suck it real good and I might let you go.” You know you’re not going to let me go. You have wrist cuffs and a bed. You know you can keep me there as long as you want.

How young will I go? Any age. I love it when you start at an age you consider acceptable, then the harder your dick gets the younger you want me to play.

That’s ok! It’s age play fantasy. Extreme taboo phone sex is so nasty you’ll cum harder than ever so come play with me!

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